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Death and Sleep Drugs

Well here we are. And once again the mainstream media is reporting on the problems with sedative hypnotic drugs. The same problems of death and higher risk of death is reported today, even when it has been reported on Natural Health News since 2005. I want to know why things haven't changed in prescribing practices if this is such a major public health issue. And I ask why, if the risk of cancer is higher because of taking these drugs, would you want to take them? Setting Big PhRMA profit aside, I also want to know why, if the "benefit" from these drugs is meagre, that other options are not made available to people with sleep issues. If you have sleeping concerns and would like to learn about other and more natural ways to get real and restful sleep without drugs or drug hangover, get in touch with us through our Health Forensics program. Sleeping pills 'linked to increased death risk ' By Michelle Roberts, Health reporter, BBC News Sleeping pills used by thousa

Most Taking Rx for Bone Drugs Quit

Certainly this is no surprise.  Osteoporosis drugs have many problematic and even life threatening side effects. They also require many lifestyle adjustments that after time many people, both men and women, find difficult.  Additionally many are fluoride based which causes the reduction or even ending of the function of osteoclast cells in your body.  Many severe fractures and jaw bone problems are linked to this drug function. There are more natural things you can do to protect bone health.  And there are many natural approaches to keeping them strong and healthy. Walking and weight bearing exercise are great!  Learn Tai Chi. Look into Lymphology at IAL. A healthy diet and the right supplements are great! (Just don't be taking so much calcium.  Generally doctors tell you to take about twice what you need and the wrong type - carbonate). Get hydrated! Cut down on exposure to EMF and fluoride as well as other environmental toxins (the DEXA test is one of these and so is your cell p

Chipping you with drugs

This last week several articles hit the news about the use of microchips to administer drugs.  Some people may think this is a great advance in pharmaceutical science but I got shivers reading it.  Worse was thinking about the consequences from the well known risk of EMF exposure and tumours from pet chips. What to me is worse is the first trial was designed to deliver a drug prescribed mainly to women, although men get it as well: The osteoporosis drugs. Osteoporosis drugs have many drawbacks.  The same drugs have many risks including the risk of very bad fractures and having your jaw bone eaten away (necrosis).  For the most part the drugs are fluoride based and cause the osteoclasts in the bone health cycle to be stopped. In this study, however parathyroid hormone was used with the rationale that people do not like to get injections. No one seems to think about the drug risks let alone the chip risk or more exposure to EMF that we do know causes cancer. 'Pharmacy on a chip'

Beware EMF: Food and Health

I started educating people and writing about the health impact of EMF more than two decades ago.  I spoke on the hazardous use of microwave ovens even earlier.  As more and more EMF devices litter our environment we are certainly more at risk of real health dangers. Read what one engineer has to say - Cancer and Home Appliances Alasdair Philips is qualified in both Electrical- and Electronic Engineering, as well as Agricultural Engineering. In 1998, he started the British organization Power Watch , which is committed to uncovering the specific details of how electromagnetic fields (EMFs) affect our health and how we can practically protect ourselves against detrimental effects. Mr. Philips is also a member of SAGE (the UK Department of Health Stakeholder Group on ELF EMFs ) and a member of the UK Health Protection Agency's EMF Discussion Group . Another early group he became involved with was called Electronics and Computing for Peace.  COMPLETE ARTICLE Selections from Natural Heal

Cranberry for Your Health, yes, and get some FREE

I have always been a great fan of the cranberry.  I like it because it has differing enzymes than found in most other fruits and it has long been known to help you keep a healthy UT (urinary tract). Recently, a new product has emerged in the rapidly growing "shots" market.  This time, one that's a healthy choice. Northland's  Cranberry Care ™ liquid supplement is made from whole cranberry and hibiscus extracts – clinically proven* to support urinary tract health – and blended with antioxidant-rich blueberry and pomegranate juices for a powerful, all-natural, straight shot. This tiny drink also provides an excellent source of vitamin C with only 40 calories per serving. T wo clinically proven, all-natural ingredients* create one super shot. PACran ® (whole cranberry extract) has been shown to help support urinary tract health by harnessing the powerful antioxidants found in the skin and seeds of the cranberry. UTI Rose™, which is extracted from the Hibiscus flower, has

Now there is proof

I write a new column on health and politics for Sinclair News.  I am pleased to have this venue because it allows me more freedom to write about things that need to be uncensored and where the fear factor is not an issue. While Larry Sinclair is, and has been, controversial, I have often found myself in that same class for decades. In my article about Big PhRMA published on 28 January, I mentioned  a new drug,  Bydureon (exenatide extended release), manufactured by Amylin Pharmaceuticals.  This is their new version of Byetta. "This long-acting form is a version of their diabetes drug Byetta, that can be used weekly. Byetta is a synthetic exenatide formulation with risk for severe allergic reactions affecting the skin and respiratory system as well as pancreatitis and kidney disease. Now approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) this newer drug comes with a label warning that the drug caused certain thyroid tumors in rats. There has been no information provided by the