EPA: Out of Control

Cleanup to Start in East Fork Ninemile; Watch for Traffic

Here is an example of still another toxic waste dump being created in the epicenter of the Bunker Hill Superfund Site. Technically it may be a mile or so removed from the “BOX” or original 21 sq. miles. Nevertheless the message is one of a warning to residents who may be living in the area to watch out for heavy equipment as well as other risks to those who live in the area. Every indication is revealed that dangerous contamination is being dug up and transferred to another location close by.

The part about “securing” the lead and heavy metals, which amount to God only knows how many years and dump truck loads is being place in a smaller, managed location to keep it from being moved downstream? Everything runs down stream whether it be isolated i.e. out of the radar of affected citizens visibility but not out of the danger of  fugitive windblown dust.

Why was permanent waste disposal never discussed to the public? 

In addition our office has firsthand knowledge of how the public comment period went to folks in that area and a copy of the comments to the two comments that were received. This hardly equates to the CERCLA law of informing citizens of the toxic waste dumps and other major decisions of Region X. One from  a man who lives on 02, oxygen, 24/7.

It is clear that this is a new repository, the heavy equipment, contractors, workers, transporting of hundreds maybe thousands of dump trucks of toxic waste is to go on for several years. Not to mention that Woodland Park area is the location of a large low income public housing complex where many families with children live, it is also a residential neighborhood with narrow driving passage ways.

LOOK FOR Old Mission State Park on Map, repository is greyish area to the NE across the road. Wetland is to the left of the dump site, river is to the south of the Mission.

It is safe to say that permanent waste disposal was never considered. The copy of the response to the two public comments from reg. ten includes mention of the justifying of this site so as to “ultimately avoid transporting of waste through Wallace” So want rational is being used here for the approval of tons of toxic cleanup waste being transported several miles from all over the site on I-90 to be dumped at a National Historic Landmark in a highly populated area as well as desecration of Native American land?

The repository is in an elevated  hill location, all pollution runs downhill, it is documented by epa to be seeping “very high levels of metals that discharge into Canyon Creek”.

Would someone with a brain check into this?

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