KISS. And no, it's not Gene Simmons

In the traditional sense as a student of natural healing you learned to keep things simple. Dr. John Christopher was always reminding students to hold fast to this philosophy. In my mind it is the reason why the traditional way really did help people recover from health challenges. I don't see it that way today with the new twist on schooling and the new twist on remedies.
Keep It Simple Student (KISS) is worth remembering.
Remembering is certainly a major concern in health today. All the scare tactics telling you that by 2015 there will be millions living with Alzheimer's scares you into believing this is what to expect.
I ask why, so many do not.
Fluoridation in the water supply is a major factor. The US is in a huge battle to keep and expand this heinous practice. The people have really become wise to the fluoride scam and are fighting back.
Fluoride in drugs and food compounds the issue.
Environmental pollution is another way toxic brain altering chemicals are finding their way into your home and your body.
EMF contributes too. (Probably more than you think and probably more than you want to accept).
A wise person will take action to reduce or eliminate their exposure.
That same wise person will seek out ways to identify nutrient deficiencies like my Health Forensic system and take action to correct the issues.
I am amazed that it has taken so long for some people to catch on to some of these ideas. These “old” ideas are gems found hidden in treatments of years gone by. These treatments worked.
Now I am pleased to see that more information regarding Alzheimer's (ALZ) is resurfacing, especially the B vitamin connection. Using B vitamins, especially B12 shots back in the 40s-50s-60s and into the early/mid 1970s, was common in medicine and there was little or no "dementia".  Natural thyroid support was also commonly used.

I have to caution on vaccines and prescription drugs because these are highly suspect I believe, along with food additives and chemical pollution. My guess is that the nutrient deficiencies created by vaccine ingredients and prescription drugs is a major factor in the equation. Environmental toxins are another factor not to be overlooked.
I think everyone should be directing consciousness to their medicine cabinets and stocking up on the essentials like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), magnesium (oil), different forms of iodine,activated charcoal, selenium, zinc, and clayfor hard detoxification and body cleansing. Also very important are personal food stocks for survival and food security in uncertain times. For this I suggest super foods like spirulina.
For additional reading about brain health use the search function found in the right hand column you can locate many articles from Natural Health News offering more support for the need to increase B vitamins and good thyroid support. Preventing Alzheimer's is possible. Immunity plays a role here and I'll write more on this soon.
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