Spicy Thai Cashews Snack Recipe

by - December 30, 2020

 I have at last chosen to share this hot Thai cashews formula. Each time I make it, my visitors promptly need to know the formula and my children can't get enough of it. Find out about the medical advantages of cashews and afterward dive into this wonderful formula. 

Cashews are kidney molded seeds and comes from cashew tree local to seaside Brazil. The nut really develops at the lower part of the cashew apple natural product. When gathered, the shell is first heated up (its un-eatable now) and afterward the nut is separated from the shell and dry cooked. It is this dry cooked rendition that you find in the markets. Consequently, the cashews you purchase has experienced an arduous cycle to get to the eventual outcome. 

Cashews are high in minerals, for example, copper, magnesium, zinc, and manganese. They are sans cholesterol and contain solid monounsaturated fats. 

They are more steady than different nuts however its best to keep them encased holder in the cooler. On the off chance that you purchase cashews in mass, store them in a cooler for as long as a year and take some out as you need them. 

Here is an incredible Thai hot cashew nibble formula. The solitary negative part of this formula is that it tastes so great you can undoubtedly over-devour on the cashews. Albeit nuts are exceptionally nutritious, they should be devoured with some restraint and are high in calories so you ought to burn-through with some restraint in the event that you are viewing your calories. 

This formula is incredible when you have companions over for mixed drinks, making a brisk nibble for your family, or with tea/espresso. 


1 tbsp coconut oil, or grape seed oil or your decision of cooking oil 

2 Tbsp nectar 

2 cups cashew nuts 

1.5 cups dry unsweetened destroyed coconut (improved will consume all the more rapidly) 

1 tbsp red pepper chips or 2 finely slashed dry red chillies 

ocean salt and dark pepper to taste 

You can substitute different nuts, for example, almonds or peanuts rather than the cashews. Yet, cashews taste stunning in this formula. 

You can change the nectar, coconut, and red stew pieces as per your taste. 


1. Warmth the oil in a wok and mix in the nectar. Following a couple of moments include the nuts. Lower the warmth. The cashews can consume rapidly so mix regularly so they can brown equitably. Allow them to brown for a couple of moments. 

2. Include the destroyed coconut, chillies, salt and pepper. Continue blending regularly and change heat as needs be. The coconut will brown rapidly so turn off the warmth after around 3 minutes or when the coconut is a sautéed. 

3. pour in a bowl and appreciate. Serve them warm or cool.

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