Tamil Recipes - Madurai Prawn Fry

by - December 19, 2020

 This is an extremely simple Tamil Recipes Madurai Prawn Fry yet oil devouring (which likewise tastes super) issue. Yet, nothing to beat this formula for taste and joy of unique prawns flavor. My moms exceptional from Pasumalai, Madurai. 


Prawns/shrimp 2 to 4 cups relying upon size of prawns 

Red stew powder 2 tsp 

Turmeric 2 tsp 

Fennel 1 tbsp 

Ginger/garlic glue 2 tbsp 

curry leaves a couple 

Salt to taste 

Oil 4 cups 

Water to cook 



1. Clean the prawns well and strip the shell off, at that point rub red bean stew powder, ginger/garlic glue, salt and turmeric for around 15 minutes 

2. Pour oil in a profound griddle and let it heat up in high 

3. Presently add fennel and fry a piece with curry leaves. Add the prawns in more modest amounts relying on the quantity of prawns and the size of your wok. Try not to allow them to adhere to each other. 

4. After around 5 minutes they ought to have gotten earthy colored at this point so turn the side and let the opposite side additionally become earthy colored and fresh 

5. Fill in as side dish for any supper or eat it as a tidbit or nibbles for drinks 

Prawns are the shrimps in America and it is additionally called as 'eratu or ratu' in Tamilnadu. It is a fish that gas become costly int he late past. The whole fare market in India got over the most recent twenty years and make it practically incomprehensible for individuals living in India particularly y in the waterfront districts to purchase and eat shrimp. The fare market can stand to address a greater expense in light of the market interest for shrimps abroad the neighborhood cost of shrimps and prawns have expanded past the normal man;s capacity to settle up. 

The plans for this fish like shrimps the same number of and changed. They are provincial in context as taste in India contrasts extraordinarily from locales to area. The south has customary curry based plans and north has various arrangements of models. These are likewise accessible for fricasseeing like this one above and numerous types of curries and flavors flourish. Coconut is additionally utilized with any of these prawn plans all through South India particularly Kerala. 

Some have hypersensitivities related with any ocean bottom all the more so with shrimps. You may have to counsel a specialist prior to evaluating any of these dishes in shrimps. All the curry and fixings are accessible in America in Indian and Asian markets in significant urban areas everywhere on the USA. The web likewise now supplies a wide range of imported things through messenger administrations.

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